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Like its predecessors, HP-Penguin 3.02 is multilingual. There was a good reason why the English version wasn't available at the same time as the German one: HPP3 is much bigger and I've translated everything again with as much care as possible. Everything is translated into English now, spellchecked and the package should be available very soon.
Because of the release delay a few changes were made to the English version HPP3.02. The program is smaller (~6-8 KB), slightly faster and has a few extra features. En Vogue, the first Atari CSS editor is included in the package. GEM-Setup is used to install the HPP3. Additional programs on the HPP disks include DragFont, OLGA, BubbleGEM, Elly, HTML-Help, Tabi!, GEMJing, Alta Lista and lots of web graphics.
Although 3.02 is UK/USA exclusive the Penguin still checks the language cookie/system language. So you can use other languages by changing the cookie or renaming the resource files.

There is another premiere: a US version is coming soon! The version is almost identical with the UK one except that some UK English words have been translated to American English.

If you think that your language is missing and you want to do a translation you can contact me by email: mjaap@atariuptodate.de. Partial translations are also possible...

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