HomePage Penguin 3.0

The demo version of HomePage Penguin 3.03, the leading web editor/designer for Atari computers. Stay tuned for the announcement of the distributors or send me an e-mail and I'll notify you when the Penguin is available in your country.

Program: from version to version Download
HomePage Penguin 3.0 3.01 (23.8.1999) Download
HomePage Penguin 3.01 3.03 (29.11.1999) Download (328 KB)
HomePage Penguin 3.03 3.05 (08.12.2001) Download (137 KB)
HomePage Penguin 3.04 3.05 (08.12.2001) Download (103 KB)


Attention: there is no support for the archive programs!
Resource files

Version Languages
1.42 English * Deutsch
2.5 English * Deutsch

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